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SC-3000 Survivors is aimed at all those who have a passion for and preserve the memory of this 8-Bit Home Computer.

This site will be the home of the SEGA SC-3000 computer and all the accessories that have been made for it. Its mission is to become a reference guide for all retrocomputing enthusiasts who want to learn more about the SC-3000 or want to travel back in time with it.

We are currently updating this website, so a new modern and mobile friendly look, faster, and SEO ready. Day by day we will add all the articles of the previous website, cleaned and renewed. For now enjoy this first step.

The latest articles/news

The return of the prodigal son

SEGA SF-7000 Super Control Station

Finally, they return, somebody would say. It sounds impossible but sometimes things are going in one direction, and you can feel the signs everywhere.
The resurrection of this website, the contact with an old friend that fixed his SF-7000, and finally a nice guy that decided to sell his SF-7000 to me.
After 4 years this unit is back in my hands, ready to contribute to this preservation project with information, tutorials, and demos!

SEGA SC-3000 Mk II Multicart

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - it's the SC-3000 Survivors Mk II Multicart!
The Mk II Multicart can play all the known SC-3000 or SG-1000 ROMs, and it comes with over 70 pieces of tape software.

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Astrododge for SEGA SG-1000/SC-3000

Astro Dodge 2012
Astro Dodge 2012

Astrododge is the first original game release for the Sega SG-1000/SC-3000 console and computer in almost 30 years! The game is available on a cartridge and runs on the Sega Sg-1000, SG-1000 II, SC-3000 computer and Sega Mark3 systems.

SEGA SC-3000 Online demos

SC-3000 demos online!
We have started a demo section showroom! Machine code, Basic or Hybrid demos will be included to show SC-3000 computer features.

If you want you can send us yours and we will publish it!

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SEGA SC-3000 Computer Emulation with PropC3

A SEGA SC-3000 computer emulator that runs on Parallax C3 Propeller board!