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List of game cartridges

SEGA SC-3000 game boxes

SEGA SC-3000 Survivors rewieved the games that were made for the SEGA SC-3000 Computer and the SEGA SG-1000 Console.

In this section you'll find information and galleries relative to all the games.

Moreover we added our experimental FLASH emulator that allows you to play the game and to save and load your play. You need only to update your FLASH player for the browse, enable it and enjoy!.

Code Game Genre Media ROM
G-1001 Borderline Shoot'em up Cartridge 16Kb
G-1007 Congo Bongo Platform Cartridge 32Kb
G-1010 Star Jacker Shoot'em up Cartridge 32Kb
G-1015 Orguss Shoot'em up Cartridge 32Kb
G-1028 Exerion Shoot'em up Cartridge 16Kb
G-1031 Lode Runner Puzzle Cartridge 32Kb