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SEGA SC-3000 Game Orguss

This is the SC-3000 Survivors review of the game cartridge ROM manufactured by SEGA for the SC-3000 and SG-1000 systems, compatible also with SEGA Master System and SEGA MarkIII.

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Orguss datasheet

SEGA G-1015 Orguss Artwork














SEGA SG-1000, SEGA SC-3000


Shoot'em up




Joystick and Keyboard





Orguss box galleries

This is the cartridge box released by Grandstand.

g-1015_orguss_gs-box-0000.jpg g-1015_orguss_gs-box-0001.jpg g-1015_orguss_gs-box-0002.jpg g-1015_orguss_gs-box-0003.jpg

This is the cartridge box released by John Sands.

g-1015_orguss_js-box-0000.jpg g-1015_orguss_js-box-0001.jpg g-1015_orguss_js-box-0002.jpg g-1015_orguss_js-box-0003.jpg

This is the cartridge box released by SEGA.

g-1015_orguss_sg-box-0000.jpg g-1015_orguss_sg-box-0001.jpg g-1015_orguss_sg-box-0002.jpg g-1015_orguss_sg-box-0003.jpg

Orguss description

The ORGUSS is seen flying in the sky above the earth. The enemies from the world called TERRAM are fiercely attacking ORGUSS.

You can transform ORGUSS into the all-powerful "ORGROID" or into the high-speed FLIER which will enable you to rapidly reach the SPACE-TIME VIBRATING WEAPON.

Only 2-1/2 minutes before SPACE-TIME destruction takes place!!

The ultimate WEAPON'S door is open. Now is the right moment to fire your missiles and stop the operation of the TIMER CONTROL PANEL. The control of SPACE-TIME is now in your hands.

Some screenshots taken from the gameplay.

Orguss (SC-3000)_0001.png Orguss (SC-3000)_0002.png Orguss (SC-3000)_0003.png Orguss (SC-3000)_0004.png
Orguss (SC-3000)_0004.png

Orguss arcade history

Orguss Arcade Artwork

ORGUSS Game was released in 1984 by SEGA, and was based on the ORGUSS Japanese anime story:

"The Final Conflict in the Space of another Time! "

In the mid-21st century, two major powers confront each other over controlling an "orbital elevator", which reaches to the orbit of a still satellite. In order to destroy the energy center of the orbit elevator, a super weapon, the "super time-air oscillation' was developed.

This weapon makes space fly away to beyond space-time. The hero of the story, Katsura Katsuragi, by mistake, activates the weapon and by this space-time is distorted. As a result, the Earth undergoes a complete change, and great confusion involving multiple spaces occurs.

Now after 20 years multiple spaces exist at random, and it is controlled by two major powers, the "Emarn World" and the "Chilum World". The hero, Katsura was helped by the Emarn people, and he settles into their organization. By manipulating an inertia control fighting weapon dorifand. "Orguss".

He confronts the "Chilum World" for the purpose of reconstructing the world. The Story develops using the confrontation between the two organizations, the reconstruction of the world, and the human drama created around the hero and his maturing as the ingredients of the story.

In 1985 the game Orguss inspired one Arcade Game by SEGA: Astro Flash, known as "Transformer" outside japan.

Orguss Arcade Artwork

Some screenshots taken from the arcade gameplay.

Orguss (SC-3000)_0004.png

Orguss bonus information

As it has happened for many Japanese Anime like Gundam, Goldrake, Mazinger and many others, even Orguss had its personal toys collection. It is still possible to find all the characters of ORGUSS in metal or plastic models. Here you will find some photos:

Orguss_Toy_Collection.jpg Orguss_Toy_Mlover.jpg Orguss_Toy_Nikick.jpg Orguss_Toy_Nikick_2.jpg Orguss_Toy_Orguroid_box.jpg Orguss_Toy_Orguss.jpg Orguss_Toy_Orguss_2.jpg Orguss_Toy_Orguss_box.jpg